James Bourne


For the last 25 years I have been heavily involved in the security industry, mainly on the Doors. I started at the bottom and worked my way to owning a security company and running a nightclub. I have recently retired from the frontline. What i learn and teach is all powered by THE KALAH SYSTEM. WHY? ... With Kalah there is no nonsense, no bullshit, no lies because we understand that the reality is brutal.  I am always available to help ANYONE who needs my assistance. In Kalah we Listen, watch and learn from the reality and we dont give you any guarantees you will survive but we do guarantee that you will train close to reality, you will train hard and with a good mindset you will hopefully survive. If not, you will die fighting. No Other Way!




KALAH SYSTEM Instructor Level 1

KALAH SYSTEM Instructor Level 2

HABC Level 3 Award in Education & Training (PTLLS-QCF)

HABC Level 3 Award in the Delivery of Conflict Management Training (QCF)

NFPS BTEC Level 3 Advanced Award in Physical Restraint Instruction

NFPS BTEC 3 for Deliverers of Physical Intervention Training within the PSI (QCF)

BTEC Level 3 Award for Close Protection Operations - ACTIVE


Effective Communication Skills

Situation Awareness

Safe Route Selection

Surveillance & Reconnaisance

Risk Assessment & Operational Planning


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